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Together with the Dutch hydrogen company HyCC (joint venture of the European chemical company Nobian and the Green Investment Group belonging to Macquarie Asset Management), we want to support and accompany industry in Central Germany in decarbonisation. For this purpose, one or more electrolysis plants are to be built on an industrial scale in the Central Germany region and supply the chemical industry located there with green hydrogen (H2). The pioneering hydrogen project is important for the region to continue as a competitive industrial location in the long term.

The GreenRoot project involves a study on the technical feasibility and demand potential on site, as well as the construction of one or more H2 electrolysis plants. The combination of the expertise of both project partners forms the basis for a circular and sustainable model based on green, regional H2.


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>50.000t H2 per year
> 1,6 TWh

The current geopolitical developments show us once again that green hydrogen can make a vital contribution to the future of domestic industry. Domestic hydrogen production projects such as GreenRoot are essential for the Central Germany region to remain a competitive industrial location in the future. At the same time, this project will ensure the security of supply for important local customers and, in addition, make the green-generated H2 accessible nationwide via a connection to the H2 backbone that is being created. With HyCC and VNG, an international partnership is emerging that brings the necessary experience and expertise to achieve the common goals and thus take another step towards a climate-neutral energy industry.

Sebastian Pflüger, Senior Project Manager Hydrogen

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> In September 2022, the project was presented to the public for the first time at the “Central Germany Hydrogen Congress” in Leipzig.

The start of deliveries of the green H2 is planned from 2027.

The projected H2 demand in Central Germany (in 2040) is 22-33 TWh*. The GreenRoot project will ultimately provide an annual supply volume of over 1 TWh. 

In addition to supplying our customers in Central Germany, a connection to the emerging H2 backbone of the ONTRAS Gastransport GmbH is planned.

The headquarters of our project partner HyCC (Hydrogen Chemistry Company) is in Amersfoort, the Netherlands.


According to Potential Study Green Gases (2022): Analysis and evaluation of the potential of green gases in the Central Germany region 

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