Strategic Partnership

Do you want to take advantage of all the opportunities offered by the gas market with maximum flexibility? Within the framework of our Strategic Partnership, we jointly break down your annual demand into its service components and procure these on the futures and/or spot market. You define your purchase price through your individual decisions regarding the purchase times as well as the delivery and price products.

In the Strategic Partnership, we work with you to find the optimum solution for your energy procurement. This is supplemented by professional services for effective portfolio management and transparent reporting.

Our modular approach

Within the Strategic Partnership, we offer you six different modules, tailored to your actual needs. You can set these at any level and combine them.

Market information

StraPa goes Green

Performance Check

Portfolio management

Portfolio and risk analysis


Portfoliomanagement on point.

Creativity and secure, needs-based supply go together! With our Strategic Partnership, you can freely structure your gas purchasing with standard trade products and/or schedules – with guaranteed needs-based natural gas supply.

You take over filling your portfolio for your business with the delivery products you select. At the same time, you manage procuring flexibility on the trading market. We ensure that your company always receives exactly the right amount of natural gas that is needed.

Of course, you can also transfer the tasks of filling your portfolio completely or partially to us. We agree this beforehand.

Tip: Develop your individual strategy together with us in a “procurement workshop”. Then fill your portfolio via the VNG PriceCockpit. This gives you a high level of price transparency and you can buy schedules and standard products conveniently and to the minute at the click of a mouse.


Get the most out of your energy procurement!

Perfect solutions are created together! We bundle our core competencies for you, share our expertise and support you as a reliable partner in your operations!

Mandy Hackenberger, Team Leader Sales Service

Achieving lasting success together!


What benefits can you expect?

  • Individual solution tailored to your needs
  • Bundled expertise & continuous information transfer
  • Untied market procurement with full flexibility
  • Guaranteed needs-based supply in the fulfilment period
  • Diverse services ensure optimum portfolio filling and management
  • Good combination options with schedule and standard product procurement via the VNG PriceCockpit
  • Sound market information ensures transparency and market proximity
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Sales Trading 

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