Looking for a way to fulfil your customers’ biomethane requirements or to source biomethane for your own processes? And you want to use renewable energy from domestic resources, with little effort and risk involved? Biomethane helps you operate sustainably, while protecting the climate at the same time! Its versatility and ability to be stored make biomethane a future-proof all-rounder for a reliable, climate-friendly energy supply.

Green, regional, carbon-neutral!

Our national biomethane product provides biomethane produced in Germany, tailored for use in the heating market, for combined heat and power generation or for greening your industrial processes. Volumes and capacities are customised to your needs. If you are adding biomethane to your energy mix to configure your ‘Green Tariffs’, combining your biomethane supply with

your natural gas supply is straightforward. If you are planning to use biomethane in cogeneration plants in accordance with the German Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG), we provide the biomethane of the necessary quality for your plants. Balancing can take place both within your own balancing group or in the balancing group of VNG Handel & Vertrieb.


Our services at a glance

  • Supply of nationally produced biomethane of Bio-H and Bio-L quality
  • Needs-based delivery of biomethane tailored to your individual criteria
  • Supply as Flat Gas Delivery, Scheduled Delivery, Full Delivery and Freely Nominated Delivery
  • Under current regulation, no costs are incurred under the German Fuel Emissions Trading Act (BEHG) for biomethane volumes
  • Straightforward combination with natural gas deliveries from a single source
  • Fixed prices for the acquired volumes provide planning certainty for your procurement operations

Product sheet

Information on our biomethane products and services (German) can be downloaded here.


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