Balancing Group Management

Balancing group management is a central component in the handling of gas deliveries. VNG Trading & Sales supports you with your balancing group management in all German market areas. You can order our service as a fixed product package – from handling through to control and transfer of risk – or you can put together a custom-made package from individual modules. In addition, we give you the opportunity to participate in our balancing group partnership.

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Leverage the know-how of an experienced market partner, concentrate on your core business and minimise your costs and risks.

The new market area: Trading Hub Europe

Natural gas is currently traded at two virtual trading points (‘VTPs’). If natural gas is to be transferred from one market area to the other, either a market area transition must be used or the gas must be sold at the VTP of one market area and the same quantity purchased from the VTP of the other area, which is time-consuming and incurs additional risks. With the introduction of one market area, these additional burdens will no longer apply and Germany-wide gas trading can be simplified and intensified. It can be assumed that liquidity and churn rate (the ratio between the amount traded and the amount consumed) will continue to increase at the trading point.

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How about if you could completely or partially outsource the complex tasks of balancing group management to VNG Handel & Vertrieb GmbH? You save costs, benefit from the effects of the joint management of balancing groups, streamline your processes and can rely on our many years of know-how. This is exactly what our VNG balancing group services are made for.

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We have put together all the important information about our services in the area of ​​balancing group management briefly and compactly (German).

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