Business Areas

We are continuously developing our products and services for all aspects of natural gas – always with an eye on developments in the markets and the requirements of our customers. Our activities now embrace five business areas.

Domestic sales

In the German market, as a natural gas trader and energy service provider with seven sales offices, we have always been very close to our customers. We maintain reliable partnerships based on mutual trust and our loyal customer base includes municipal utilities, gas traders, power plant operators and industrial companies. With our standardised products and skilled sales staff, we will continue to maintain a strong position in this market in the future.

Foreign sales

As an internationally oriented company, we also supply customers outside the German core market. The international business with our trading companies and subsidiaries makes a significant contribution to portfolio and risk diversification. In addition, we maintain a large number of business contacts and benefit from strong partnerships.


Trading in natural gas and closeness to important trading points are some of our core competencies and represent an important growth area. We are actively involved in the European spot and futures markets as a professional trading partner with a broadly based network. To provide even more added value, we let our customers share in our inside knowledge.

Trade logistics

In the field of trade logistics, a selective management process and secure processing are vital for our customers. When planning and operating our complete portfolio, we therefore continuously optimise the quantities of natural gas purchased, as well as the use and loading of all booked transport and storage capacities.


Natural gas procurement

The import of natural gas plays a key role in supply and is a central pillar of our business. For gas procurement close to the source, we maintain long-term contractual relationships with upstream suppliers in Russia and Norway, while systematically developing access to German sources of supply. Our procurement products are characterised by a high degree of price and cost security as well as flexibility.