Carbon-neutral Website

Using the internet has become commonplace for us. The power consumption for the operation of servers, computers, etc. contributes significantly to the climate-damaging CO2 emissions.

Carbon-neutral Website

The CO2 emissions for using our websites at - our hosting and your surfing - are neutralized because we have joined the rapidly growing and very popular global climate project "CO2-neutral websites". More than 2,500 companies from more than 40 countries are already taking part in this program and are thus making a contribution to climate protection. The climate initiative is carried out by the organization This calculates the emissions on the basis of the number of visitors to each website. In order to ensure the CO2 reductions of the participating websites, it implements CO2 reductions through various projects. The rate and amount of the CO2 offsets are regularly checked by the renowned auditing company Deloitte. The result for you is climate-friendly surfing on our website.

In order to neutralize CO2 emissions, investments are made in the following projects, among others:

  • Projects to preserve the rainforest and other threatened habitats are financially supported.
  • Deforestation in Kenya is reduced by setting up energy efficient stoves.
  • New, renewable energy sources are being built to reduce the need for coal.
  • Wells are being built for clean drinking water.