Balancing group partnerships

In the balancing group partnership, each partner remains an independent balancing group operator. In this case, however, your balancing groups are linked to the balancing groups of VNG Trading & Sales in a specific market area and with the required quality.

All the gains are distributed among the members of the partnership under the causation principle and the relevant data is posted clearly and transparently via a balancing group monitor.

Before you enter a balancing group partnership with VNG Trading & Sales, we determine whether this will pay off for you based on the BKSALD and BKTOL histories provided by you.

How does a Balancing Group work? 

We have put together everything you need to know about balancing group management in our German whitepaper.

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The advantages of a balancing group partnership

  • Offsetting of daily gas differences
  • Stacking of intraday tolerance bands
  • Minimisation of conversion in market areas with different quality requirements
  • Transparency through balancing group monitor

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