Stadt- und Überlandwerke GmbH Luckau-Lübbenau



  • Municipal utility with 52 employees
  • Supply approx. 30,000 customers with 330 GWh/a of gas, 43 GWh/a of heat, 88 GWh/a of electricity and services


  • Significant changes in the procurement market
  • Price volatilities
  • Security of supply and competitiveness


  • Analysis and optimization of the individual procurement strategy with regard to procurement times and cultivating individual customer groups
  • Performance Check incl. load profile analysis

The challenge

Stadt- und Überlandwerke GmbH Luckau-Lübbenau (SÜLL) is a modern public energy utility serving the Spreewald and Niederlausitz regions. It provides around 30,000 customers with a reliable natural gas, electricity and district heating supplies. As a regional municipal utility, SÜLL is not only an important player in the energy market, but is also increasingly a regional driver of the energy transition.

The utility wanted to analyse and optimize its procurement strategy as part of the strategic partnership, with the aim of addressing the dynamic changes in the procurement market for electricity and gas, and the associated price volatility over the long term, while maintaining security of supply. The timing of procurement and the cultivation of individual customer groups have recently become increasingly relevant, so that an effective procurement policy can contribute to the success of the business, even under changed market conditions.

“Significant fluctuations in energy prices and uncertainties as a result of geopolitical tensions and economic developments have presented the energy industry with some enormous challenges recently. It is particularly important that we develop a suitable procurement strategy so that we can guarantee security of supply in the long term despite all of this volatility.”

Mandy Hackenberger, Sales Service

Our solution

VNG Handel & Vertrieb GmbH (VNG H&V) is supporting SÜLL in the strategic partnership with the aim of optimizing the procurement and sales strategy in the latter’s natural gas portfolio. Two interactive and related workshops were organized in connection with the Performance Check module. In accordance with SÜLL’s requirements, these included a comprehensive analysis of load profiles, taking into account the influence of temperature in conjunction with the existing portfolio management. A comprehensive analysis was conducted of the utility’s historical load profile and management data in a multi-year comparison as well as potential

influencing factors in order to generate forecasts for future requirements and identify sub-portfolios.  

Leveraging its technical expertise and familiarity with the market, VNG H&V supported SÜLL in performing a detailed evaluation and assessing the previous procurement strategy. On this basis, future optimization potential could be determined through joint technical and practical exchange, individual options for efficient further development of procurement could be identified and existing procurement strategies confirmed.


The strategic partnership between SÜLL and VNG H&V led to the creation and development of customized strategies for optimized natural gas procurement. SÜLL and VNG H&V plan to maintain their open relationship based on mutual trust in order to effectively navigate the challenges posed by market turbulence going forwards.

"The energy price crisis and the changes in the market have made it necessary to rethink our own procurement strategy. The strategic partnership identified some possible improvements in procurement processes. These changes will ensure security and stability in supply and pricing over the medium to long term."

Hannes Schliebner, Head of Sales, Stadt- und Überlandwerke GmbH Luckau-Lübbenau

Strategic Partnership

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