Carbon-Neutral Gas

Are you looking to carbon-neutralise your gas purchases? Would you like to offer your customers the opportunity to offset the carbon emissions caused by burning natural gas with a product that is 100% carbon-neutral? As natural gas specialists we would be pleased to support your projects with our carbon-neutral gas product and handle the entire process of achieving carbon neutrality on your behalf.

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Make an active step to climate protection and position yourself as an innovative and responsible company with an administration-oriented one. Our CO2-neutral product expansion is independent of balancing group, certified according to official standards and not tied to a supply contract. Furthermore we assist you designing your CO2-neutral natural gas products.

Our Services for You

Emissions calculation based on natural gas volume

Opening of a certificate account in an appropriate registry

Procurement and transfer of VER certificates

Handover of a ‘green gas certificate’ as confirmation of climate-neutral natural gas supply and project description with TÜV seal on request

Validation of VER certificates in the customer account for the past delivery year

Creation and handover of validation confirmation

Note on the BEHG

Please note that the certificates for our product “CO2-neutral natural gas” are not certificates in the sense of the Fuel Emissions Trading Act (BEHG). The deliveries of natural gas under the product are subject to the obligation to purchase emission certificates according to the SESTA and are not exempt from the costs associated with the purchase of emission certificates.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Expanding your product portfolio
  • Recognised worldwide climate protection projects
  • Certificates handled by VNG Handel & Vertrieb
  • Does not affect your physical gas portfolio or balancing

Product sheet

All information on the Carbon-Neutral Gas is compiled succinctly.

Product sheet

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