Market Access via Sub-balancing Group

Market nearness and transparency – modern purchasing via sub-balancing group!

Perhaps you do not want to operate your own balancing group but still want to come closer to the market or purchase gas on the wholesale market. Our market access model via a sub-balancing group offers you the possibility of covering your expected gas sales by ordering futures products. On the dates you have selected, you place or cancel orders for the appropriate quantities independently on the basis of OTC or settlement prices. You decide which products you want to order when and can also react rapidly to market changes by cancelling orders, bringing your purchasing activities closer to market conditions.


VNG Produkt Marktzugang EN
Product specifications: 
Procurement of products from futures market in combination with residual deliveries
Market access quantity based on ordering and cancellation of partial quantities in combination with flexible residual delivery quantity
Third-party quantities: 
Point of supply: 
Virtual trading point | network connection point
Pricing model: 
Fixed-price | gas-indexed
Sub-balancing group
Your benefits at a glance: 
  • Participate actively in market price developments
  • Influence the purchase price within the contractual delivery period
  • Bring your purchasing activities closer to the marketplace