Full Delivery

Gas supplies just as you need them

Are you searching for a ‘comprehensive no-hassle package’ for your gas supplies that leaves you free to focus on you core business? We can offer a traditional type of gas supply contract with custom quantity and capacity structures to meet your needs. Optimise the pricing terms for your gas supplies with a predefined take-or-pay agreement. With a Full Delivery product we will provide balancing group management on your behalf and handle any risks arising.


VNG Produkt Vollversorgung EN
Product specifications: 
Full Delivery
Load profile from temperature-driven or process-driven offtake
Temperature/process driven
Third-party quantities: 
not possible
Point of supply: 
Virtual trading point (VTP) | Network connection point (NCP)
Pricing model: 
Fixed price | Tranche model | Gas indexed | Oil indexed
Sub-balancing account
Your benefits at a glance: 
  • A perfect balance of risks and opportunities
  • Individual quantity and capacity structures for your gas procurement
  • Attractive terms for your gas supplies, with all your gas demand covered by a single contract