Demand-led procurement for your commercial and industrial customers

Are you looking for individual solutions in gas procurement for your commercial and industrial customers while at the same time minimising your risk? With our Back-to-Back product we can offer you H-gas and L-gas supplies at the virtual trading point with individual quantity and demand structures that will suit your requirements. On request we can provide balancing group management on your behalf using a sub-balancing account within the balancing group of VNG Handel & Vertrieb.

And you can conduct your back-to-back procurement of gas online quickly, easily and with just a few clicks of your mouse in our customer portal.


VNG Produkt Back-to-back EN
Product specifications: 
Full supply for your RDM customer
Load profile: hourly values | daily values
Third-party quantities: 
Point of supply: 
Virtual trading point (VTP)
Pricing model: 
Fixed price | Tranche model | Gas indexed | Oil indexed
Sub-balancing account
Your benefits at a glance: 
  • Individual quantity and demand structures
  • Gas prices that are close to the market
  • Use of our in-depth knowledge of the gas market built up over many years
  • Fast, trouble-free online procurement of gas