Gas Products

You can depend on us to meet your needs whether you are a municipal or regional utility, a gas trader, a power plant operator, an industrial or commercial business or a contractor. Here is an overview of our basic gas products from full supply to highly flexible products. You can use the search filter to display the product categories that are most relevant to you. We are also happy to advise you on individual supply models and to work with you to put together a range of products tailored to your needs.

Market Access via Sub-balancing Group

Our market access model via a sub-balancing group offers you the possibility of covering your expected gas sales by ordering futures products.

VNG Produkt Marktzugang statisch DEEN

Regression Model

Would you like to minimise your temperature-related quantity risk? Our regression model offers a modern way of meeting demand. Together, we will analyse your previous load profile and agree the reference weather stations with you.

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Residual Delivery

Have you already sourced the bulk of your portfolio with standard trading products and now need a flexible residual supply to top off your demand coverage? If so, our Residual Delivery offers an optimum solution.

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Are you looking for individual solutions in gas procurement for your commercial and industrial customers while at the same time minimising your risk? With our Back-to-Back product we can offer you H-gas and L-gas supplies at the virtual trading point.

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Full Delivery

Are you searching for a ‘comprehensive no-hassle package’ for your gas supplies that leaves you free to focus on you core business? We can offer a traditional type of gas supply contract with custom quantity and capacity structures to meet your needs.

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Freely Nominated Gas Delivery

Are you looking to make the most of the opportunities and transparency afforded by the markets and enjoy flexibility in your energy sourcing?

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Scheduled Delivery

Do you know what your gas requirements are? Can you define firm offtake profiles? If so, you can structure your purchasing based on your sales load forecasts and select the product type and quantity from standard trading products.

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Flat Gas Delivery

With our flat gas delivery products we can offer you individual additional quantities for your gas portfolio. You just decide on the quantity and period of your gas offtake, then select the pricing model of your choice.

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