Process and Innovation Management

Are you looking for an experienced and reliable partner to join you in analyzing your process landscape, identifying potential and developing new approaches? We offer modular consulting services that will provide you with precisely the support you need.

Here are the core issues we cover and the consulting services we offer:

Process-oriented enterprise system Process management Innovation management
  • Individualized, process-oriented enterprise system
  • Customized process management system
  • Process mapping/modelling of current status
  • Process optimization
  • Kaizen process
  • Process modelling of target status
  • Process management training
  • Innovation days
  • Modern innovation management (consulting support)
  • Facilitation and workshop support

We developed our R4 model to assist you throughout the entire innovation or change process. Our goals are expressed by our four maxims:

Prozess- und Innovationsmanagementberatung

We create the need to reinvent. Every new beginning uncovers new value-creation potential.

We help you objectively evaluate the status quo. Every new beginning involves critically analyzing ingrained mindsets.

We inspire and work passionately to find solutions to problems. Every new beginning needs a specific plan showing how the future will look.

We assist you with your individual change process. Every new beginning generates extraordinary ideas and triggers their systematic implementation.