VNG’s comprehensive ENERGIE.training programme offers a wide-ranging selection of upgrade and advanced courses on many aspects of the energy sector. Broaden your existing knowledge by attending open ENERGIE.training courses held over one or more days at VNG AG in Leipzig.

You can also take advantage of the expertise of our gas specialists and be trained in a topic of your choice - whether you are a complete newcomer or crossing over into the energy and gas sector or as a specialist or manager in your own field of activity. The individual ENERGIE.training courses are custom programs and can be held on site at your location on request. We would be happy to advise you on our current courses or create an ENERGIE.training package that meets your specific needs.

Individual ENERGIE.training courses – A selection from our range of topics

Topics Typical options
Gas industry basics
  • Introduction to the gas industry

  • A look at important sales markets, gas contracts and the political/legal framework

  • Overview of heating technologies

  • The impact of market liberalization on competition

Gas applications and the environment
  • The benefits of gas and gas heating systems

  • Using gas in industry and commerce

  • An overview of gas technology developments and how they work

Successful energy selling for energy providers
  • Marketing new energy products and services

  • Simulation of sales conversations

  • Inclusion of practical examples

Communication training for energy providers
  • Customer-oriented phrasing

  • Communication and discussion training

  • Handling difficult customers

Online marketing in the energy sector
  • Basics and options of online marketing

  • Search engine marketing and optimizing for energy providers

  • Social media marketing