Training & Advice

A wide variety of innovative themes and technologies, not to mention legal requirements, directives and guidelines all have their impact on the energy and gas markets. Make sure that you and your customers keep abreast of the latest developments. Our gas specialists will be happy to advise you and your customers on key aspects of the energy business or give you wide-ranging insights into issues of topical interest to the energy sector in our comprehensive programme.
Use our programme to build and consolidate know-how for yourself and your customers.
Advice on Energy Matters
We advise and inform you regarding market and regulatory risks and current developments at the German and European levels.
Information Security/IT Security Consulting
ISMS Beratung
Practical and professional advice on the topics of certification, auditing and communication.
Process and Innovation Management
Energiewirtschaftliche Beratung
We can support you in analyzing your process landscape, identifying potential and developing new approaches.
Process and Innovation Management
We offer modular consulting services that will provide you with the support you need.