Data Services/Data Logistics

Profit from our many years of experience in the area of data services/data logistics and our reliable services. Together with our partner, caplog-x GmbH, we will assume the installation, operation and maintenance of your control technology and the necessary data acquisition instruments (translator [Umwerter], long-distance data transmission) and your communications with all relevant market participants. With the new SmartSim simulation process, we will ensure that you always work with valid billing data, even with fluctuating gas qualities, and comply with the provisions of law.

Management of metering and billing data

  • Logging of metering data and retrieval via remote meter reading, transmission, processing, conversion and archiving in our data center
  • Data provision in all formats customary in the market and the industry

Control systems

  • Installation and consulting as well as operation of PSI simulations and gas control systems
  • Installation and consulting as well as operation of IDS control systems; alternatively, use as a client in the available infrastructure.
  • Determination of gas qualities for tracking calorific values using the REKO system or SmartSim

Operation of metering stations

  • Engineering, planning, construction supervision and placement into operation of instrumentation technology
  • Operation, support and fault management
  • Inspection and maintenance

Market communications

  • Development and handling of communications with all market participants

Standard load profiles

  • Preparation of hourly or daily forecasts based on standard load profiles, weather data and other cause variables

Emission factors

  • Calculation, processing and provision of emission factors in accordance with certified procedures

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Meeting the statutory requirements under calibration law
  • Data processing in a TÜV-certified data center in accordance with ISO 27001
  • Ensuring valid data (particularly with respect to the calorific value tracking process)
  • Low-cost solution provided by the SmartSim simulation process when the 2% tolerance limit is exceeded
  • Ensuring a calibrated metering system for RLM customers
  • Use of mobile gas chromatographs
  • Timely provision of data (differing from the cycle of the particular gas network operator )
  • Operation and support for complex control system environments for PSI control or IDS systems