Carbon-Neutral Gas

Are you looking to carbon-neutralise your gas purchases? Would you like to offer your customers the opportunity to offset the carbon emissions caused by burning natural gas with a product that is 100% carbon-neutral? As natural gas specialists we would be pleased to support your projects with our carbon-neutral gas product and handle the entire process of achieving carbon neutrality on your behalf.

You can make an active contribution to climate protection and gain respect as an innovative and responsible business with sustainable environmental policies. Should you wish to take up our offer of designing your environmentally friendly gas tariffs we would ask you to commit to a gas supply contract. Our carbon-neutral product enhancements are independent of balancing groups and certified by recognized standards. We would also be happy to assist you with the design of your individual carbon-neutral natural gas product.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Expanding your product portfolio

  • Recognised worldwide climate protection projects

  • Certificates handled by VNG Handel & Vertrieb

  • Does not affect your physical gas portfolio or balancing