Scheduled Delivery

Minimum-risk gas procurement in line with demand

Do you know what your gas requirements are? Can you define firm offtake profiles? If so, you can structure your purchasing based on your sales load forecasts and select the product type and quantity from standard trading products. With our scheduled supplies you have the benefit of prices that are based on the wholesale market and can minimise your risk with a smart combination of different products. If you wish you can supplement your Scheduled Delivery with Residual Supplies on flexible terms.


VNG Produkt Fahrplan EN
Product specifications: 
Predefined supply
A fixed supply per period, multiple periods (day, month, quarter)
Third-party quantities: 
Point of supply: 
Virtual trading point (VTP)
Pricing model: 
Fixed price | Tranche model | Gas indexed I Oil indexed
Sub-balancing account in conjunction with residual supply | Individual balancing group
Your benefits at a glance: 
  • Basic gas product on favourable terms
  • Can be combined with other products
  • You choose a quantity, term and pricing model for your gas offtake that suits you
  • Fast, no-fuss gas sourcing with our Sales Trading