Regression Model

Whatever the weather – you’re safe and sound with us!

Would you like to minimise your temperature-related quantity risk? Our regression model offers a modern way of meeting demand. Together, we will analyse your previous load profile and agree the reference weather stations with you. The quantity of gas for each day of the required supply period is calculated using an agreed sigmoid function and fed into the target balancing group as a daily band. Take advantage of our temperature-based gas supply model in your own dedicated balancing group.


VNG Produkt Regressionsmodell EN
Product specifications: 
Temperature-controlled supplies
Algorithm calculation of the required daily quantity using a sigmoid function (or optional temperature function) taking account of the temperature profile for the supply day
Temperature-based demand coverage
Third-party quantities: 
Point of supply: 
Virtual trading point (VTP)
Pricing model: 
Fixed price | Tranche model | Gas indexed I Oil indexed
A dedicated balancing group
Your benefits at a glance: 
  • Effective risk reduction
  • Sigmoid function is individually agreed before supply begins
  • Transparent links to the gas trading market
  • Demand coverage