Flat Gas Delivery

Individual additional quantities for your gas portfolio

With our flat gas delivery products we can offer you individual additional quantities for your gas portfolio. You just decide on the quantity and period of your gas offtake, then select the pricing model of your choice. You can actively build your portfolio with different flat gas delivery products, then combine them with a residual supply from VNG Handel & Vertrieb if required.


VNG Produkt Bandprodukt EN
Product specifications: 
Supply with a constant hourly quantity
Defined based on a constant hourly quantity and period
Third-party quantities: 
Point of supply: 
Virtual trading point (VTP) | Network connection point (NCP)
Pricing model: 
Fixed price | Tranche model | Gas indexed | Oil indexed
Sub-balancing account in conjunction with residual supply | Individual balancing group
Your benefits at a glance: 
  • Basic gas product on favourable terms
  • Can be combined with other products
  • You choose a quantity, period and pricing model for your gas offtake that suits you
  • Fast, hassle-free gas sourcing with our Sales Trading